Providing Affordable Roof
Restoration throughout ACT 

We are a local family owned business that repairs, restores and replaces everything from the gutters up!

Roof Repairs in ACT

Nu-Seal: Delivering Quality Roof Repairs in ACT

Nu-seal have been providing quality roof repairs in ACT for over 25 years. So if you’re roof is leaking or growing mould, it’s time to contact the experts.

From ridge tile repairs to standard water leaks, Nu-Seal Roof Restoration can repair whatever roofing issue you are experiencing.

Ridge tiles

Ridge tiles upkeep is a routine part of all tiled roofing maintenance. Our roofers only use the best materials and comply with industry standards to ensure the work lasts as long as possible and limits the risk of future water leaks. We also offer gable repair by installing the powder coated metal on the fascia board with a piece of metal flashing covering the end of the tiles. Offering a high-quality gable and ridge repair service is one of the reasons why Nu-Seal are the experts in quality roof repairs in ACT.

Water leaks

Some leaks can be hard to detect, but we guarantee we will find it! Nu-Seal Roof Resotration expect the roof internally and externally, taking care to specifically look at gutter blockages and tile cracks. Our attention to detail means we provide the best quality roof repairs in ACT.

No work is undertaken until we have discussed it with you. We can often repair a leak for under $150.

Did you know?

 “Once the glaze (or paint) comes off a roof tile, your whole roof can start to look a little tired, but this doesn’t increase the risk of a leak. Tiles are concrete, so they absorb a small amount of water, but they are on an angle so that any excess water flows to the gutters.”

Nu-Seal have been providing quality roof repairs in ACT for over 25 years, so let the experts repair your roof today.